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Cecilia Leigh Burnette and Adam Davis had been the parents to an lovable baby woman by the name of Marissa Anne Burnette-Davis. She was born on December ten, 2007. Cecilia and Adam break up up before the infant was born.On March 15, 2011 Cecilia's trial began and defense concentrated on convincing the jury that her ex-boyfriend was actually the one… Read More

Early in the week, my degree of enthusiasm for Bike to Work Working day was dragging. I'll be honest, I was considering all sorts of awful, cynical thoughts about how much these cooked-up advocacy advertising holidays actually accomplish.If you begin the flowering when the plant is very little say six inches the height of the plant will continue to… Read More

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Morning found me still stoned from the super potent Himalayan herb I smoked the night before. I boarded the Indian built TATA bus at 6AM in the chilly morning and dreamily starred out the window. I didn't really like being high very much and was craving to come down. As the bus gradually wound down the mountain I began to re-inhabit my psyche and b… Read More